Kitchen remodel

21 Apr

We bought our house 1 ½ years ago now and have spent most of our time since then remodeling it. It was built in ca1885 and was originally a hotel with 4 rooms upstairs and a café on the first floor. The café was in business until about 1958 when the house was bought by the people we bought the house from. Most of the updates to the house were done in the early 60ts and some in the 80ts. But not much has changed from the original house. Witch of cause is both good and bad. It means that a lot of original features were kept but also that the house was in pretty bad shape. Every floor was covered in linoleum and every wall in layers and layers of wallpaper. In some rooms up to 7. All the windows and most of the doors are in bad shape and need to be changed but because of our budget they will have to survive for a few more years. The original wood floors were intact under the layers of linoleum, but had been infested by pill bugs and peppered with nails so most of them sadly had to be removed. But we were able to keep them in some rooms.

So I wanted to show you what we have done so far. Keep in mind it is still a work in progress and there are still a million projects to get done. Like putting back the original molding and painting all the doors. But I am pretty happy with the kitchen so far. It is this far one of my favorite rooms in the house. (My favorite this far is my daughter’s bedroom, I will show you that later.) But here is the kitchen. The kitchen was originally two rooms. One which was used as a guest room and had French doors leading out to the patio and the old kitchen which was remodeled in the early 60ts. We removed the wall between the two rooms and the kitchen is now almost twice the size of the original and we also have space for a nice sized dinning area.

TV room, kitchen

The first picture is a view from our small living room or TV room facing the kitchen and the small bedroom. The wall with the built in cabinets is the one we removed. The door in this picture that leads to the kitchen was also removed to give us more space in the kitchen. The kitchen originally had three doors. One to the hallway, and one to each living room. Removing the wall to the bedroom would have made it 4. Seemed unnecessary if you ask me. So only the door to the hallway, and to the TV room were kept.


The second picture shows the wall that was removed on the right and the door that was covered. The sink is still in the same position and the fridge is now where the door used to be.


The third picture shows the wall that was removed. The stove and sink were kept in pretty much the same places even though everything is brand new. I chose to do this to give me as much work surface as possible facing the window.  I dint feel the need to place the sink below the window because I spend very little time doing dishes (The dishwasher takes care of that) And would rather have the light for my main work area.

Here is the new kitchen. This is the same wall that has the kitchen sink in it in picture three. The cabinets are from IKEA and the back splash has been tiled with tiny subway tile from Italy, we laid new plank flooring with got a lye and oil treatment and the butcher block counter is in oiled oak. I chose to oil both the floor and counter with oil containing white pigment. I love what it did to the oak. The molding is still missing along the top of the cabinet and some cover panels in the corners are also missing but except for that this area is done.

This view shows the workspace by the window and my breakfast area on the back wall. It has the toaster, coffeemaker and so on hidden in the cabinet on the wall under the microwave. This is also where we store plates mugs and silverware.

Another view of the breakfast area

A better view of the dining area. And my new china cabinet. I will tell you more about that later.

Stove and wall storage.

Olivias chair and the table made by my grandpa.

3 Responses to “Kitchen remodel”

  1. Siri October 21, 2010 at 23:27 #

    Å du har drømmekjøkkenet mitt! Veldig fint. Har en Stokke Tripp Trapp stol til småen som jeg har tenkt å male hvit. Har du malt Olivias eller kjøpte du den slik? Må si det var helt GENIALT å plassere kaffetrakteren i skapet under microen. Har tenkt mye på det her hos oss. Gjorde det med microen nemlig..plasserte den i skapet under vasken siden den var så grell å se på… – Og kaffetrakteren er like grell. Du vet sånn hvit som fort ser skitten ut av kaffesøl. Takk for tipset ang kaffetrakteren!

    • shja October 22, 2010 at 10:35 #

      Stolen er den hvit laserte stokkestolen, så jeg slapp å male den selv. Skulle egentlig ønske jeg hadde kjøpt den røde nå. Viser ikke skiten så lett. hihi
      Det er veldig greit å kunne gjemme vekk alt kjøkkenbenk rotet i et skap, er fornøyd med det lille tiltaket.


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