Purging the babys closet.

21 Apr

Kids grow fast and especially the first 2-3 years. This means constant purchasing and rotation of there clothes. My daughters wardrobe was getting out of hand lately. A lot of new additions over Christmas and a few splurges at the new years sale and it was a complete disaster. So needles to say it was time to purge.

I removed a large bag of clothing some will be packed away for hand me downs and the things I didn’t use that much for whatever reason will be given to charity.

What is left will be organized into its baskets hung on its hangers and placed neatly back in the closet. I fold most of the clothes and each type has its own basket. One for pants, one for once one for tights and so on.

There is also a basket on the top shelf where I always keep a pre assembled outfit to make life easier for Dad. He is not terribly fond of assembling baby couture.

The top shelf holds all the bedding some winter clothes and a box for items that are only in use for special occasions. (like here Norwegian national outfit.) Finally a managable wardrobe for a little girl.

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