Raising a happy confident and fulfilled child

21 Apr

How to raise children is something that has always interested me, but it was only after having my daughter that I realized how difficult it actually can be, and how many different thoughts and opinions there are out there on what is the right and wrong way of raising children.

So after hearing of a few shocking methods and getting a lot of not so good advice on how to deal with our colic baby, it sparked my interest and I started searching for a better way. I wanted to find something that seemed to me a more natural and respectful way of raising children and I found something I feel I can relate to.

Montessori,  to me it just made sence and I feel at home in this idea of life.  Though I am a complete newbe at this I try to implement as many of the Montessori methods as I can. The things we try to focus on in our house are:  teaching by example instead of saying no, making the house accessible to our daughter so she can learn to do things for herself and be independent,  have respect for here feelings, wants and needs and always make sure we listen and take the time to answear her,  and we try not to do things for here that she can do herself.

So far we have had great success and must say I am really quite happy with how our little family is functioning. She is such a happy child, but I can tell right away if we start to slipp up on our “rules” she goes back to tantrums and all that fun stuff.  I think that when it comes to children it is important to remember that they are people to, and we have to treat them with the same respect we would anyone else.

Some recomended reading:

The magic years by Selma H. Fraiberg, (not a purely Montessori book but some of the best stuff I have red regarding child psychology.

http://www.michaelolaf.com/ The catalog has some relly good info between the product descriptions.

http://www.sewliberated.typepad.com/ Montessori Mom Meg McElwee’s blog has some great info and links.

The absorbent mind by Maria Montessori

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