Life with less

26 Apr

There is a lot of focus these days on sustainable living and to me a big part of living a sustainable life is to reduce the mountain of stuff most of us have in our homes.  I believe that our homes today are filled with things we truly have no use for, and if we could live without it that would be the most sustainable thing.  Not to mention all the time we waste cleaning putting away and looking for stuff.  Sure we all have things that simply make us happy because they look nice and they really don’t have any other purpose. But my thought is that we could all stop and think before grabbing that next item of the shelf. Do I really need this, will it enhance my life. If not leave it where it’s at.  How many boxes of stuff do you have stowed away in your basement or attic full of stuff you never use. I’m betting quite a few. I know I do.  So from now on I will live my life by these simple rules.

Before purchasing think about this:

1: Will this item inhanse my life, and make it easyer

2: Does this item have a function and fill a need in my home or life.

3: Am I purchasing this because I need or want it.

4: Do I have a place for this item in my home.

5: Is this item a long term or short term purchase, will it last long enough to make buying it ok.

Hope you will al join me in thinking twice next time you purchase, and live you life with less.

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