Vegetable garden.

7 May

We have finally started some landscaping. The first thing on our list was a vegetable garden. It is a really good learning opportunity for Olivia to get to plant grow and eat our own vegetables and it’s fun for the grown ups to. The plan is to have 10 boxes for planting and at the end a sandbox and a picnic table for Olivia.  We started out by digging up the area wich was mainly covered in weeds. Then came the job of trying to level it all out.

The first box we made will be the little sandbox for Olivia we buried it half way in the ground so it will be easier for here to get in and out of. And we will add a little edge to sit on.

Then we built the next 6 boxes. These will be placed in two rows and will hold all the tasty vegetables and berry’s.

Now it was time for to place the boxes and do the last little bit of leveling before we filled them with dirt. It is starting to look like somethings happening now. We will do the garden in to steeps because we have a big tree that needs to come down and a bush to move before we can do the second half of it.

So what you see here is only half of the garden. There will be 4 more boxes when we are done. The space around the boxes will be covered with a fiber cloth and then gravel. Now our big challenge will be to keep the slugs out of our new little vegetable garden.

Time to enjoy a break with this years first strawberries and the view from our patio.

2 Responses to “Vegetable garden.”

  1. Benita May 8, 2010 at 17:54 #

    Thanks for the inite🙂
    Looks like an awesome garden! I’m very envious of your view!!!

    • shja May 9, 2010 at 18:33 #

      It is nice, to bad we cant see it from inside. But they did cut down one of the big trees in the park so this year we will be able to see water all summer.

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