Upcycled buttenshirt

11 May

My husband cleaned out his closet and out came a bag full of button shirts heading for the consignment store.  I liked the fabrick of them and most of them were hardly used so I thought i’d save them and see if I could find some project to use them for.  So summer is on the way and Olivias closet needed some summerclotes, enter the button shirts. I loved the little details on the shirt like the cuffs and colar and desided to try and make a tunik or dress using the sleves of the shirt.

I started out by cutting of the sleves removing the cuff and the seem running the length of the sleve. No need for a seemripper here just a pair of sizors.

Then I cut a thin section out of one of the sleeve right where the cuff button was at to remove the arm opening section. Sorry I don’t know what this section is called but I hope you get the point. On the other sleeve I placed this section where the front of the dress would be and also kept the two pleats where they used to be on the sleeve. Then I stitched the three pieces together.



Now came the time to start shaping it into a dress. I usually just use one of here shirts to measure and trace where to do my cuts since making a two year old stand still can be a bit of a challenge.

After tracing i folded the dress down the center and made my cuts. This ensures that both sides will be equal. The hem I cut in a slight curve.

From the extra fabric i cut of the bottom I made one long piece that i folded and ironed to use as bias tape around the neck and 4 pieces to stitch in the sleeve instead of trying to fold it in to finish it. ( I find that folding in the edge around the sleeve is difficult and usually doesn’t turn out that nice)

Bias tape

And now it was time for some more sewing.

I ironed and hemmed the bottom then stitched it. Then I did the sleves. First i sewed the four pieces together to form two circles and placed them around the sleve opening right sides together. To finish I ironed and added a top stitch. Then I sewed the bias tape on. I usually do this by hand first since sewing smal details like this using pins rearly turns out very well. Then I did a top stitch on the machin and removed my hans stitching.

A quick button change and the dress is ready for warm summer days and a happy little girl.

PS: the dress was a little hard to get over her head so watch out. Make sure the opening is big enough if you have a little one with lots of brains…

2 Responses to “Upcycled buttenshirt”

  1. Christine Segar May 11, 2010 at 19:33 #

    What a great idea and very green too! You should make more and sell them.

  2. shja May 11, 2010 at 19:51 #

    Ya if it didn’t take so long to make. Not very profitable when you consider that.

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