Sign on the wall

12 May

If you read my post about or kitchen you already know the story of our house but quick recap is. It was built ca1800 and was built as a hotel. Later on the rooms upstairs were long term rentals and the downstairs was a cafe unti about the late 50’s when the family we bought it from took  over.

As we have gradually been burning our way thrue the massive amount of firewood the previus owner left in the shed we found a few tresures. One of them was the sign that apperantly used to sit at the intersection down the street. I like the look of it and what better way to add some personaslity to our kitchen.

I always liked the old signs that have been so popular to add to your house lately but just like I have an issue with printed t-shirts I never could find a sign that I felt I could relate to. I think if I’m gonna ad text to my walls or my clothing the text has to make sence. So you will never see a sign reading “Chateau something rather” on my wall or see me in a t-shirt reading “berry drops” or “surf girl” But this made sence.

This has history that actually relates to our kitchen So I was more then happy to pierce my virgin wall to get this up on display. And it’s interesting to me that everyone that has been over since I put it up have commented on it. Even Olivia loves it and everytime we sit down for dinner she points at the sign and says a. (Shes learning some letter but only knows a and o so far)

So there it is. So I guess I can’t pull the “this is not a cafe” line when the kids start nagging for food. (Hmm reconsidering sign)

2 Responses to “Sign on the wall”

  1. Christine May 12, 2010 at 23:51 #

    A treasure indeed! I love the look of it against your gray (or are they blue) walls and the history behind it is even better. I see you are making good use of your china too🙂

  2. shja May 13, 2010 at 09:06 #

    Hihi The china has not been used that much since we just got the china cabinet and got it unpacked. But we bring it out any chance we get. The walls are like you said a grayish blue, or blueish gray…

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