Vintage cats

11 Jun

My mom made these wall hangings for me when I was a kid. They were made from old fabric scraps she had laying around. When I got to old for them they got put away and almost forgotten about. Until now, I came across them when I was digging around for some baby clothes at moms house and thought they would be great to decorate the playroom for a little girl obsessed by cats. Instead of saying miau like a word the kid actually miaus like a cat. Its pretty cute. She mever says the word Grandma without adding a miau (grandma has a cat) And the first name she learned except for mom , dad and so on was Zinda. Yep that would be the cat. So you can imagine her excitement to see these colorful kitty’s on the wall. It was a big hit.

I must have loved them a lot as a kid to because they were in some disrepair and were missing a lot of buttons. But a quick wash and iron followed by a dive in the extra button bucket and they are good as new. Or at least almost.

Each of the two pieces has two boy kitty’s admiring a girl kitty in the middle. She is dressed in a colorful terry fabric that must have been quite a robe at one point

It is kind of fun to look at these fabric pieces and remember the clothing they came from. The girl below is wearing a piece of a floor length evening gown my mom made for herself. It was fabulous and I wish we still had it around. The blue is from some overalls that my brothers had. They had bell bottoms and full length arm zipper front and a collar of cause. Ahh the 70ts.

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