About me

My name is Siv Jane Aksdal I live in a small town in Norway with my husband Josh and our daughter Olivia.  Our hose is a 100 year old Victorian in pretty bad shape. We have spent the last two years fixing it up.  Currently I’m a stay at home mom and before having my daughter I as a architect, interior designer and in retail. I have a degree in Interior design From the University of Wisconsin Stout. And took a two year course in architecture at a private school in Norway. My passion is old houses and I hope one day to have the opportunity to work with rehabilitating and restoring old homes.

Other then that I have been a crafter since I was old enough to hold a needle. I started out sewing, doing embroidery and tough myself to knit before I was 6. And I have been lucky enough to have had 4 wonderful and creative grandparents that have been a great inspiration to me.  My favorit crafts include: cross stitch, hardanger embroidery, knitting, sewing, crochet and many many more. I am always looking for new things to try I just love learning new things.

I hope you will enjoy my little blog.


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